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Great Ways to Spend Father’s Day!

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It can often be hard to think of things to do with Dad on Father’s Day, especially as a teenager growing up or with a young family. These ideas keep things on the cost-effective side, but still give everyone an opportunity to spend some quality time with Dad.

Breakfast in Bed

Less of a way to spend Father’s Day for the family, and more for Dad, but breakfast in bed is a sure-fire winner. Whether it’s a well-prepared breakfast for a partner that is delivered by the kids, or a botched cup of tea and burnt toast overseen by 6 year olds, treat dad to a lie in and a traditional start to the day.

Get Outdoors

Held on the third Sunday of June in the UK, it’s usually a safe bet that the weather should hold out for Father’s Day. Make the most the June sunshine and go for a walk in a local park or nature reserve, play football in the garden, or head slightly further afield to a beach. Jump on your bikes. Whatever it is, the glorious nature around us is usually free and can provide a memorable Father’s Day.


A great card to have in your back pocket if rain ruins our get outdoors tip, bowling is fun for all the family, especially the kids, and can provide dad with the competitive outlet that he might often pretend he has let go of.


Quirky, and not for everyone, but if your Dad is into history, art, or anything that warrants a museum, spending time strolling around a museum post-lunch is a great Father’s Day pastime. Whether it’s the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum, find a free museum that matches Dad’s interests and soak up an exhibition.

Host the Family

The whole family are going to be celebrating their fathers in some way on June 18th. Why not host a BBQ and get everyone together – nans, grandads, cousins, the works. A great reason to get the family together, but also a nice way for everyone to show the male figures in their lives some love. And an excuse to dust off the BBQ and let Dad run the grill!


However you decide to spend Father’s Day this Sunday, remember, it’s the time spent that counts, not the money. Dad’s cherish the thought and the activities, not just new socks! And remember, one of our Father’s Day cards will go down a treat! 

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